What Is Beautiful to You?

What’s beautiful to me?

The curve in my thigh that makes me me

The way that you see me, isn’t what’s beautiful to me.

The stride and pride that’s in my own walk. The proudness of the natural arch in my back, the flatness of my foot, the melanin in my skin, the browness of my hair, the beat of my heart. That’s whats beautiful to me.

I’m tired of seeing she’s too big for that, too small for that,

Life’s too short to be worrying about the bigness of a thigh or the smallness of an ass.

In my eyes, we’re all perfect you see, cause the Master made ME in his image how can you not see what’s perfect to me?

That look at we all see when, he loves her just as she can be. What’s beautiful to me? The cellulite on my thighs, the fat on my arms, the hair on my brow. I’m what’s beautiful to me. It took so long to accept myself and that’s the sad part.

We compare ourselves to others and try to be them, but we weren’t made in their image.

Too big. Not small enough. They said.

Tears for years.

Never could I fit a 0 or a 2, always a plus sized girl & I never accepted that


I’m 17.

I wear a 14, and I’m so proud of the thickness of my hips and curves. If I can do it and love it, why can’t you?

That’s what’s beautiful to me.


Sandra Bland pt. 2

Goodmorning Viewees, (👈 see what I did there?😂)

This morning I’m ashamed to say I was involved with an argument with ignorance. 

Normally, I’m not the type to entertain ignorance, but I indulged myself today.

A person I followed on social media posted a picture saying that if Sandra Bland would have gotten out of the car, she would still be alive…..

If you’ve seen the video, you already know that the police officer wanted her out of the car because she was smoking in her own car. He had no right to arrest her, because she did NOTHING wrong.

I do believe in white privilege, but the fellow I was arguing with doesn’t. Poor him. I called on an ally of mine (Nia Pearl ✊🏾) and she kindly reminded me that we do NOT respond to ignorance. 

Now, the argument would have been over; IF the subject would’ve kept off their TL (timeline). 

He then posted a picture saying: all of a sudden when people disagree with you you’re ignorant……

Hold have mercy on my dear soul.

This child awoke an angry black woman in a young lady. 

Lord. Why couldn’t he just stay off? Why Lord?

My mom always taught me that God gives the hardest jobs to his toughest soldiers.

Nia got to him before I did & she tried to correct him, but his stupidity was so dense he wasn’t understanding. 

I’m so sorry this post is so long and opinionated, but I just wanted to say: if you’re not apart of the solution then you’re apart of the problem & you’re not helping anybody. 

Please support my new hashtag: #standforbland

#blacklivesmatter #standforbland 

Exciting News from the Views…

This week has definitely been eventful. Tuesday & Wednesday I was dog sick (😭😭) and I couldn’t  go to work. I’m still recovering, thanks for your thoughts!! 

But let’s get right into it:

Last week I reported on a rapper named Capo being shot. This week I’ve landed an off camera interview with his cousin. 

Since my journalism career just started, this is my biggest interview yet! Not to mention no other reporter has reported from the perspective!

But another thing: Sandra Bland.

She was an African American woman who was arrested over petty charges and was found DEAD in police custody. 

If you ask me: she was murdered…. But it’s looking like a suicide. But think about it: WHY would a Black activist commit suicide IN A JAIL CELL?! 

Then there’s pictures of her mugshot looking like she’s dead & she’s on the ground. 

Something is NOT NOT NOT adding up here people. 

Please feel free to add your own comments at the bottom or onto the Facebook page, I know it’s neglected. Sorry.
Have a goodnight people!! 😘❤️

Being a Teenage Girl Today….

What does being a teenage girl mean to me?

Well thank you for asking!

To my family, being a teenage girl means to conform to men, it means to do what you’re told and not ask any questions no matter how crazy it is. To my grandmother, being a teenage girl means being a mother, because she was a teen parent. To my grandfather it means getting a job and starting a family.

To society, it means that you’re categorized by what your skin color is. I’m considered African American, so to society as a teenage girl, I’m supposed to be pregnant by now, with 2-3 baby daddies, I’m supposed to twerk and smoke weed, I’m supposed to be a gang-banger and drop out of school.

To my friends, it means struggling to get good grades in school, staying up late doing homework, doing what you’re supposed to, to make it in life. It means doing whatever you have to, to make the grade. Even selling your soul….

But, to me.. What does it mean to be a teenage girl?


To me being a teenage girl means to struggle with who you are, and to find out who you are. To me being a teenage girl is to listen to music and dance like nobody’s watching, to me being a teenage girl is to live your life because you’re not getting tomorrow back.

But, as a Chicago teenager, it means surviving to adulthood.

That’s what it means to be a teenage girl.

Who Am I….

As an assignment today at work, my boss told me to write about something thats asked quite often but has a larger meaning: Who Am I? I had a little bit of a hard time answering this, but I pulled through, and here’s what I wrote:

By: Karmen Rice


Senior at De La Salle Institute

Who am I?

That’s easy:

I am Child of God

I am a girl

I am a feminist

I am a caffeine head

I am a Chicagoan

I am a music head

I am XO

I am a student

I am pro choice and pro woman

I am a black girl who won’t become a statistic

I am Who I am. (Exodus 3:14)

I am a senior, class of 2016

I am a LaSallian

I am De La Salle

I am a commuter

I am a defender of people who can’t defend themselves

I am a peacemaker

I am a world changer

I am a caretaker

I am a struggler

I am a dreamer

I am a producer

I am a reporter

I am a blogger

I am the future

I am NOT what you want me to be

I am not your expectation

I am Karmen Camille Rice a senior a De La Salle Institute of the south side of ChicagoIMG_2555

Saturday. July 11, 2015.

     So, yesterday I attended a financial summit that was hosted by my elementary school (Ariel Community Academy) in the form of a reunion. I was going to talk about it, but that’s going to be on Thursday.

I switched topics, because another Chicago rapper was gunned down, in Chicago. There is even a video of him taking his last breaths as the ambulance pulls up….

How is he different from the rest of our youth being shot down? He was a known gangbanger.
I’m writing this to inform you all about what could happen after this.
Now, Capo (the rapper that was killed & pictured above) was a memeber of Chief Keef’s entourage. Chief Keef is a member of a gang called BD (black disciples). The BD’s are known for having affiliations with other rappers, such as Lil Durk, Rondo #9, Lil Reese, and Fredo Santana.
Capo was apart of this gang and I can guarentee you that there will be some retaliation in one form or another. I say this, because this morning I woke up and saw on Facebook that Capo’s muderer had posted a video on some sort of social media and it was spreading around the internet:
Obviously, the BD’s are not goiong to be pleased when they see/hear about this video, so they question is: what will the do in response?
On behalf of ALL of Chicago, please DO NOT retaliate. Please don’t end another life, it’s not worth it.
RIP Capo.
Have a nice day.
UPDATE (JULY 14, 2015): 
The man confessing to killing Capo has removed the video from YouTube.

To Live and Die in Chicago


2 dead, 8 wounded in Chicago shootings since Thursday afternoon; was the headline on FOX 32 news website.

As a teenage girl living on the south side of Chicago, that’s scary and to me: Not surprising.

Every since 2012 when Chief Keef came out, the crime rate in Chicago has gone up and the gang activity has too. That’s not very appealing to me, as a matter of fact I don’t think it’s very appealing to anybody tbh (to be honest).

In my opinion, there’s no reason why anybody  should want to join a gang. Yes, I understand that a gang might provide that need of family in a persons life, but to join a gang it often requires you to go through physical pain or you might have to do something you don’t want to.

No family member hurts you or forces you to do something you don’t want to (at east when they do, it’s legal), so why would you put yourself through that? Furthermore, there’s not a good outcome of being in a gang. The money you you obtain would be either stolen or it would be drug money, so you could be arrested for it.

When you join a gang, there are 2, sometimes 3, outcomes after you join:

1.) you die.

2.) you go to jail for a very long time

3.)  (the only good one) you quit the gang and turn your life around.

Not everybody is a Chief Keef, so don’t try to be like him, Lord knows what that boy has really done, and if his songs are true… Don’t get me wrong, I love trap music, but I would NOT like to live it.

On the brighter side: The Taste of Chicago ends in 2 days, and tomorrow (7/11) 7 Eleven is giving away FREE slushies. Not to mention: My birthday is in 7 days! YAYAYAYAAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

Stay safe Chicago, have a great day.


SO the other day on the train this man was staring at me, so I looked at him constantly, because I didn’t know his motives or what he was planning to do. He kept staring at me, and eventually says: “You’re a beautiful young lady.” Being a nice person and all, I responded: “Thank you.”

Instead of him going back to minded his life, he went on to tell me what he would do to me if I was his girlfriend…I kindly told him I was 16 years old, and he went on to say that he would still do it anyway. This post is about men, so what did this incident have to do with my post? He sexualized my body. He sexualized a 16 year old body.

I was wearing a maxi dress, with a sweater… So before ANYBODY goes to defend him, I had no cleavage, no legs showing, and no arms showing, so HOW was I asking for anything? I wasn’t.

I think thats what I’m going to write about today.

Men catcall women on the street and think it’s okay. It’s not. How would you feel if somebody of the opposite sex said: “Oh you should smile more” or “Oh what I’d do to her” or made kissy noises at you? Do you not realizing that you CAME from a woman? So why disrespect a woman?

Another thing: Slut shaming.

When a man has sex with multiple women, he is praised for ‘being the man’, when a women has sex with multiple men or there’s rumors of her even having sex, she’s called a thot, slut, or whore. Why’s that, because men have double standards and that is not okay in any situation.

A friend of mine decided to add her input into my article today, her favorite singer/songwriter once said:


Have a great day.

Early Mental Health Awareness

Sorry about htis post being a day late, I was having fun at my grandmothers 4th of July Party & I missed my time frame. I hope you guys don’t mind reading this today!

So recently, I noticed on my social media that mental illness is trending, and not in a good way.

First of all, mental illness is nothign to play about, it’s actually a very serious matter and not enough people take it seriously.

Secondly, many more people have mental illness than statistics tell. We should also be aware of the early signs of mental illness. So in the post, I’m going to tell you guys about the early signs of certain illnesses:

Many young people at risk for developing a mental illness later in life exhibit early warning signs. For example, in a study led by Elaine Walker at Emory University, clinicians were able to identify children who later developed schizophrenia based on the behavior documented by home videos of childhood birthday parties.

The warning sign that stands out most in research is social problems. Social isolation is what we think of the most. Being a “loner.”

For adolescents, being part of a social group – even if it’s just one or two friends – is the most important thing in their world. Young people who deliberately choose not to be a part of a social group or who are actively repulsed by them may need further assessment and attention.

Another important warning sign is thoughts or actions focused on violence. Expressing violent fantasies or engaging in acts of aggression toward animals may indicate a problem. Finally, a significant change in mood or behavior should be considered.

If, no matter what you do, you can’t get a kid out of bed to go to school in the morning, if he stops making good grades, or if she starts disappearing from school at lunch time – these types of changes should prompt follow-up and attention to make sure the kid is not in danger, and is receiving approprite follow up to ensure that the community supports him or her as development continues.

(See more at: http://www.skylandtrail.org/blog/ctl/ArticleView/mid/567/articleId/120/The-Early-Warning-Signs-of-Mental-Illness.aspx?mm_campaign=b3705c4801ff721ee1744bd0b7753e66&mm_replace=true&gclid=CJ_p8cqdxMYCFdgMgQodL5cE2A#sthash.Qq6EEZw1.dpuf)

Finally, I’ll attach a video from Mental Health America.(If you can’t see it the url is: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may-mental-health-month-0#mayind)

Have a great day guys!

Sidenote: MY 17TH BIRTHDAY IS IN 12 DAYS!!

3 Things to do for the 4th of July

There are any things to do for the 4th of July, you just have to find the right thing to do! So in this post I’m going to recommend a few (3) things to do for your Independence Day.

1.) 25th Chosen Few Picnic Old School Reunion Picnic, (aka: the Woodstock of House Music) is on July 4th at Jackson Park, located at 63rd and Hayes Drive. For the 25th year, there will be performances from Stephanie Mills, Champagne King, Cory Day, and many more including a surprise guest.The old school reunion is apart of a weekend of music filled fun. The party doesn’t end on the 4th! No, it’s from the 2nd to the 5th, there’s no specific time so, go, and have fun!

Ticket Prices: $25.00-$1,000

2.) Navy Pier. Apart from just going to Navy Pier just for fireworks, they also offer other things through out the entire day, which include: The Second Annual Freedom Fest on Navy Pier’s rooftop. Including are a live DJ, full bar, and buffet of BBQ, doors open at 6:30pm

Ticket Prices: $75.00-$750.00

3.) The movies. Summer time is when the best movies comes out! This weekend, major movies are dropping at a theater near you! Terminator Genisys & Magic Mike XXL came out yesterday (July 1st), a movie named Amy (about Amy Winehouse) and Stung (about a killer garden party).

Whichever one you choose to attend, have a great 4th of July.